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It's never too early to encourage good dental hygiene. When Dr. Toomey's
youngest patients (3-10 years old) go cavity-free, they are rewarded with
one of our coveted No Cavity Club tee shirts and kudos from our staff.

No Cavity Club with Dr. Toomey
Become a member of our NO CAVITY CLUB by having a cavity-free, hygiene exam! You'll earn a toy and a SUPER COOL "No Cavity Club" t-shirt!

To get in the Club (and to stay there), here are some helpful tips:

1: Brush your teeth at least two times each day, especially at night.

2: Floss your teeth at least three times a week (and remind your parents to do it, too!).

3: When you're thirsty, ask for water. Sugar is bad for your body, as well as your teeth!

4: Choose healthy snacks, such as cheese, fruit or yogurt.

5: Try to avoid chewy candies, juice and soft drinks, but if you have them, be sure to brush right after.

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