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Do you have spots on your teeth?
Did you recently come out of braces and have spots on your teeth?
Did you think veneers were your only solution to improve your smile?
Do the spots on your teeth only get worse with whitening?

Today, we have a simple and easy treatment for this problem... Remineralization Therapy.

The spots on your teeth are caused by a loss of minerals to your tooth structure. Remineralization Therapy strengthens the teeth, which improves or ends spotting. It will also brighten your tooth shade at the same time. These spots can also be a precursor to cavities, so it is important to identify and correct it.

If you are interested in whitening your smile but have these spots, 2-8 treatments of Remineralization first, followed by regular teeth whitening will give you a beautiful result.

The number of treatments are determined by when you are happy with your results & when Dr. Toomey has seen the changes in your tooth structure to know a positive result has occurred. Everyone is different. Some patients need 6 Remineralization treatments, while others may only need 2.

If you want to know if you are a candidate, please call our office. We can do a small sample spot to see how your teeth respond and verify that this is what your spots are from. On rare occasion, spots can be due to other factors, so we can easily verify if Remineralization Therapy is right for you. Once it has been determined that you are a great candidate, one hour appointments in our hygienist schedule can be made.

You will also be sent home with a Paste to use at bedtime, for home therapy.
This will ensure that your results will continue for a beautiful smile!

Before Remineralization Therapy BaltimoreBEFORE Before Therapy, Towson DentalBEFORE
After Remineralization Therapy Baltimore AFTER After Therapy, Towson DentistAFTER

This Therapy is an Easy Solution to Spots on Your Teeth with Beautiful Results.

Ask about Remineralization Therapy today!

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