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Restylane and Perlane are fillers used to minimize age lines of the face. They are clear, injectable gels made up of hyaluronic acid that is specifically formulated to act like your body's own, naturally-produced, hyaluronic acid. By injecting it directly at the sites where deep frown lines occur, it lessens the appearance of age-related changes on your face and gives you a well-rested, younger appearance.

For lips, Restylane is safely used to add fullness in patients over 21 years of age. It can also be used to minimize age-related lip creases. Dr. Toomey has used Restylane on younger lips, specifically to increase the fullness of thin lips. (See photos below.) He has also used Restylane on older lips, for a removal of age creases along the lip line.

The difference between Restylane and Perlane is simply that Perlane is thicker than Restylane. Therefore, it is used on deeper lines. Both products achieve their best results after 2 uses: 1) the initial appointment to achieve the result you desire and 2) about 6-8 months later, 1/2 of the original amount can be injected to maintain the result. After these 2 treatments, fillers can last 12-18 months.

With advanced TMJ training in facial anatomy and muscles, it was a natural transition to offer facial cosmetics for our patients. Dr. Toomey trained under a facial plastic surgeon, who has written books on these cosmetic procedures. A distinct advantage that Dr. Toomey offers his patients, is the ability to give a complete nerve block, therefore, making these facial enhancements painless! Otherwise, these treatments are typically done with only topical numbing creams. Once the injection occurs under the skin, those topical creams are no longer helpful and it can be quite uncomfortable. Offering a nerve block allows for a painless treatment.

A firm believer in doing things right, it's been a wonderful addition to our Practice and our patients are so pleased with the results! For more information, contact our office. There are rebate programs offered occasionally with Dysport, Restylane and Perlane, so don't miss out! Add your email to our list and you'll receive updates on when those rebates are happening.

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